Authority Codes – The Secret to Getting High Quality Inbound Links to Your Website!

Authority codes are one of the secrets that internet savvy marketers use to out shine their competition. They allow website owners to quickly and easily find sites that are relevant to their subject matter and then post links that lead back to their sites. Many of the top online gurus have known about authority codes for some time now, but they have really started to be the “buzz” since around June of this year (2010). That’s about the time that Google released its “Caffeine” update and changed the rules for organic SEO.

For years, it has been common practice for web owners and designers to exchange links to their respective sites in order to increase popularity and improve search engine rankings. This practice, however, has now been looked upon as a form of spam by the major search engines because the links are not generated by users according to content. Rather, they are generated with little or no regard to content as an attempt to trick the search engines into believing that a site is more popular than it really is. Not only have search engines like Google become aware of this practice, but they have been known to now ban certain sites that abuse this form of link building. Therefore, website owners are really forced to seek out other methods of building links to their sites. This is where authority codes come into play.

An Authority Codes is a line of text that, when combined with specific keywords, can be typed into the search bar of a search engine and will then produce a list of sites with content matching those keywords. One can then go to those sites and write comments or posts with embedded links to their own website. It is a simple process, and although it can be labor intensive, it produces a legitimate organic link that the search engines like to see. Using Authority Codes also assures the writer that the links end up on sites that the SE’s deem to be important. So if you are a website owner looking for back links, make sure you tap into Authority Codes.

You can access a free Authority Code list here and get more marketing information at IMMACC, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center.


About Greg Preite

Greg is a business owner, commercial copywriter, and online entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he received a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and has since gone on to develop multiple businesses. As a visionary, he sees the future of small business to be online and now is focusing on helping others to learn and develop internet marketing skills. He is an effective public speaker and a loving husband and father. He currently resides in Temecula, California and his wife, Kimberly, is an award winning high school English teacher.
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